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My profile is currently under construction, I'm making it neater for the first time in a while. X3

I really love to draw, I also write(Fan Fiction, Poetry, Original Stories, etc.)for fun, I do artisan crafts, Photography, Make things with MMD(It's a fun way to pass the time), write and draw comics, sketch and more. My gallery has a bit of variety. I also want to learn how to make animations as well.
Thing is I have super low confidence In my art sometimes, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. But I'll keep trying~~

If you would like to check out my original literature series The Skysavers here's my gallery folder for it:…

Software and tools I use:
Manga Studio Debut 4.0
Adobe Flash(Im learning how to make animations)
MMD(It's fun ^^)
Various traditional tools(Pencils, Pens, Colored Pencils, etc.)
My mouse.
Metasequoia(Still learning the basics)
Paint Tool Sai(Finally got it~)
Wacom Bamboo Tablet(Got it for my 16th birthday, getting better with it)
It's all about practice though! Tools don't make the artist, the persistence to improve and grow does!! ;)

:bulletblue:I now have a more art oriented tumblr since my other one is more random and such: You can find wips, doodles, ask me questions, and more here! :D:bulletblue:

Current goals(UPDATED FOR 2014):
:bulletred:Improve anatomy and art style(yet still keeping it cute and unique ;3)
:bulletorange:Learn methods of coloring and shading
:bulletyellow:Improve perspective
:bulletgreen:Get at least one deviation into groups like: ArtisticAnimanga,PaintToolSAI,Art-Manga-Anime,Absolute-ANIME-Club(Basically groups with high standards, doesn't have to be now but at some point in the next few years I hope to improve further and get something in a group like these. I've gotten works into intermediate groups so that is a start and makes me feel proud!)
:bulletblue:Master my new tablet[x] Done! I've gotten used to working with a Wacom Bamboo tablet, now to get better!
:bulletpurple:Improve traditional media skills
:bulletblack: Work on more dynamic poses and do more backgrounds, also more dynamic angles.
:bulletwhite: Have more diverse expressions, bodies, and designs. Also build up confidence in myself. And I hope to have extra art styles besides my usual one here. Having more than one style could help me and be fun!
:bulletred: Find ways to deal with artblocks.
:bulletorange: Get even better with CGing
:bulletyellow: I'll try to do something ambitious this year and try to get something in an artbook if possible.
If you have any tips to share please let me know~:la: I’ll take all the help I can get to improve~
Thank you all for your support/feedback/llamas/watches/points/etc.~!:thanks:

MMD is more of a hobby I use to relax/have fun/tell stories/pass time/etc. but to me it can be a form of art, but this is an personal opinion.
I don't draw for fame, I only wish to improve~ Fanart I draw not because It gets more views but I draw it for the love of a series, or when I don't have any inspiration for original works. XD
My instagram is Linkly and you can see sketches, photos, steps, and more. I'll try putting more onto my tumblr as well.

No trolling here please, I wish for my page to be an easy-going place.
(Also I hope to get a PM soon so I can organize my huge stamp collection better X3)

My other profiles/accounts:
Sketch Star:…
Etsy: (There's not much on my Etsy yet, but very soon more info and such will be added!)

(Some accounts are more active than others!)
Copyright Statement 1 by SophibelleNot allowed by pjuk
(Unless there are things in my gallery that give you permission to use them)


fav-ninja by CookiemagiKFav and Run :Stamp: by Shelby-is-Crazy
:thumb177479889:Implicit thanking stamp by dazza1008Stamp: Defending faves by pralinkova-princezna
I may fave art a lot but when I fave something I love the artwork and I mean the fave because it's an amazing and great deviation! Every deviation I fave it's a labor of love~:meow: There's just so much awesome artwork on this site.


by Luumies

:icondededeomgplz:This is OUTSTANDING!!! This looks EXACTLY like the TDA Miku Append model!! I just can’t believe how accurate this is! This is truly ja...

Chibi Mimi by Lovable-Yukiko

This is so cute~~!!! You've done an amazing job with the shading of her hair, clothes, eyes and body, the coloring is so soft, sweet an...

ThunderPunch by BijuHost08

I love this deviation you made here! I love everything about this: The concept, the drawing itself, the shading, plus: the background d...



Some prints I'm interested in. ^_^


The Six-..Er five Merry Sprinkles by Link-Pikachu
The Six-..Er five Merry Sprinkles
Their fart of a co-captain didn't want to join them, no matter how much Sara asked.
So I've been listening to the Soundtrack of Chicago especially the song called: "Cell Block Tango". There was this photo from one of the shows of the Six Merry Murderesses and I was inspired to draw the sprinkles doing the pose. I don't know if they would do this number in the actual shop but I thought this would be fun to draw. Sadly I ran out of room on the paper and I couldn't completely finish Raven. ;n; Also there was another girl next to that one in the picture and I thought the pose would be funny for Adrian to be in because she looks a bit more tucked in than the others in the shot. So I could still continue the humor I added Adrian complaining explaining to Sara he doesn't want to. Here's the link to the picture:… Diann loves musicals so there's a chance she'd probably suggest them doing this number. XD I had fun drawing all of these lovely babies!!
The Characters in order(left to right)
Raven - StanJamboree 
Diann - Me
Kiwano - Blood-Red-Blossom 
Ashlynn - 2devils 
Elizabeth - Moonlightsangel17 
Adrian - Clock-Maker 
Also featuring Sara by minirii 
I hope all of you guys like it! c:
(Well you can put the thumbnail in your DeviantID and/or journal entries)
Bullet; BlueSketched on paper, scanned, and a tad of extra editing and cleaning up done with Photoshop CS6Bullet; Blue
Bullet; RedEach character belongs to their respected owners!Bullet; Red
Sitting hotdog by Link-Pikachu
Sitting hotdog
I drew this the other day on a small stream with a friend. Felt like drawing Frank, I also like doing digital grey scale drawings. Sorry for the badly drawn chair, I forgot to draw what he was sitting on until after I colored it. Just a few minutes ago I finished re watching the movie for the umpteenth time, I really want to see it live someday soon! I don't have much else to say so see you later!
(Well you can put the thumbnail in your DeviantID and/or journal entries)
Bullet; BlackAll drawn in Paint Tool SaiBullet; Black
Bullet; BlackRHPS is owned, created, and © to Richard O'Brien!!!!! This is for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended!!!!!!!!!!!!Bullet; Black
Smol Bbys by Link-Pikachu
Smol Bbys
I wanted to draw Ruby and Sapphire with small dolls of each other. I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH!! I loved the recent Steven bomb, I survived!...Barely. The simple coloring is inspired by doodles I've seen the crewniverse draw. Rebecca Sugar and all of the rest of the crew are total inspirations to me. I'm salty that we have to wait another five weeks for more SU but I know they can't control when episodes air and the like. Still I can't wait for new episodes, this show is so deep for typical Cartoon Network standards and that's why I love it. As my sister says it's one of a kind. Rebecca Sugar, thank you so much for making this show. See you all later!
(Well you can put the thumbnail in your DeviantID and/or journal entries)
Bullet; BlueDrawn in Paint Tool Sai with my Wacom Bamboo TabletBullet; Blue
Bullet; RedRuby, Sapphire, the characters, and all of the other trade marks of Steven Universe is owned, © and created by Rebecca Sugar!! This is made for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended!!!!!Bullet; Red

I have a question.

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 27, 2015, 7:53 AM
Does anyone here use Line Webtoon? If so I have a question regarding it. Can you put up fan comics(doujinshi)like my Doc McGrath and Little Jon comic? Or does the content require to be all original?Because I'm interested into making that an actual comic. If not I already know some sites that can host comics I was just wondering.

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Link-Pikachu's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Certain parts of this ID will be updated at some point since parts of it is a little outdated since it was typed out back in late 2011, early 2012. Well what I mean is It will be organized better.

My Pokemon Dream Team Welcomes You~!
025: Pikachu by animated-dex009: Blastoise by animated-dexAnimated Flareon BW by AdventureTimeFan13Medicham BW Sprite by Setsuna-YenaAltaria Sprite by HotBlackAngelRP Pkmn Sprite Lilligant by cheshire-dragon

Current ID Icon is a drawing of me using a pallet from the color pallet meme.

My Previous ID was made by: :iconlunnahowell: You must check out her great work~!

The ID before can be found here: New DeviantID by Link-Pikachu

Made the ID before…

Made my oldest ID with:…

You have just clicked into the world of the Nintendo loving Otaku: Link-Pikachu!:icononicheer: Please make your self at home! :icongrin--plz:

Fellow Deviants I know in real life:
You should really check out their galleries sometime! ;3

My Nakama~!:iconsignofnakamaplz:(Not in any order):
If I forgot you I’m sorry and I’ll put you here immediately(Spanish class has killed my brain DX). m(_ _)m
Anyone can be my Nakama, I’m always willing to make new friends~~

Hatsune Miku by DeathwingPhoenix Astrology Series - Aquarius by feiyan
:bulletorange:Yo! Check out my Webcomic series on Comic Fury with my characters!!:bulletorange:…

Drawings, icons, etc of my ocs by other amazing deviants(sorted by date):
:thumb327478502:commission - Link-Pikachu by guardianmoPtC: Candies by LunnaHowell:thumb314590871::thumb311222495:Chibi Mimi by Lovable-YukikoLink-Pikachu - Rini by Nami-Kinz

:bulletgreen:Credit of the free icon I was using goes to orohnpokemon! Here's the orginal page… :bulletgreen:

:icongraveplz: RIP Edd Gould 1988-2012
You were a great YouTuber, one of my favorites to be exact. Your videos will live forever on the internet and in our hearts.
Edd R.I.P. stamp by Caramelcat123

:icongraveplz: RIP Eduard Khill AKA: Trololo guy 1934-2012
You revoultionized the internet, the world of music, and the world of trolling. Your legacy will never be forgotten.
I love my Icon: Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue by Olio96 very much~! ^_^
My 3ds Friend code: 1375-7204-5422
:thumb310081980:Nintendo 3Ds: Stamp by JazzaX3DS by AmbreMarine
3DS Ambassador Stamp by MewgletheWolf3DS stamp blue by cinyuNintendo 3DS by Komali100
I mainly draw manga and anime, but my anime style is a more toonier type of manga and anime. I also do fanart, fanfic, etc.

My art arsenal:
Manga Studio Debut 4.0
Pretty much all that Adobe stuff.
I joined deviant art to improve my art and that’s what I intend to do. If you have any tips, constructive criticism, etc you think that would improve my art please feel free to send me a note with tips and such to help improve my art!
My art style took years to create and it will take years to master. I know my anatomy needs help, symmetry is a thing I am currently working on, shading I’m not the best with but I am putting simple shading in my drawings currently, It’s a start though. Every deviation I create digital to traditional…drawings to MikuMikuDance I have put tons of effort and love into, I have the motivation to keep improving my art and reach my goals. Every fave, comment, watch, point, and llama is greatly appreciated and gives me more motivation to improve. With my unique anime art style I hope to bring something new to the table. ^_^


Sorry that this is a long Deviant ID......^_^; I just like customizing it and stuff, its fun~ :3

My other profiles/accounts:
Sketch Star:…
Etsy: (There's not much on my Etsy yet, but very soon more info and such will be added!)

(Some accounts are more active than others!)

I watch people because... by medli20 Watch Stamp by AniuProserpina Don't Watch for Watchers Stamp by lightpurge :thumb145462917:


:iconreadplz: Please read these guidelines before posting a comment: :iconreadplz:
1.) Please don't thank me for the watch, go back to the reason I watched you in the first place, working on your amazing art for everyone to see!

2.) Please don't thank me for the fave, it's the least I could do~ ^_^

3.) Lets all be kind and respectful to each other please

4.) Also I try very hard to reply to all of my comments, if I don't reply right away I'm sorry. But for sure I have read your posted comment!

Im a huge otaku and video game nerd. Im love nintendo games such as, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Starfox, Earthbound(mother) Kirby, Metroid, and The Smash bros. series. The games i like that arent from nintendo are: Sonic the hedgehog, Okami, Megaman, and Sakura wars. I'm a softmore in Highschool. I play my 3ds alot. I draw mainly anime and nothing else. Im a pikachu-a-holic. I love many animes such as: Pokemon, Sailor moon, Shugo chara, Lucky star, Neko ramen, and many, MANY more. I love video game music, especially songs by Koji Kondo! :3

Some shippings I support:
Link x Zelda
Mario x Peach
Luigi x Daisy
Miku x Kaito
Luka x Gakupo
Usagi x Mamoru
Scott x Ramona
Aang x Katara
Korra x Mako
Ness x Paula
Cloud x Aerith
Sora x Kari

My favorite foods and drinks are: Strawberries, Pocky, Salmon, Sushi, Salmon Sushi~:heart:, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Fiber one bars, cookies, super mushrooms(if only they were real......), Potatos, Soup, Shrimp, Tuna, Cod, Pasta, Pop tarts, BAGELS, Rice, Green tea, Lemon tea, Mint tea, Water, Milk, Coke, Root beer, Milkshakes, Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Oranges, Oranges juice, I have a variety of favorite foods and open when it comes to foods i guess ^_^

Current Residence:.........In america!
Favourite genre of music: Video game music~~!
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
MP3 player of choice: 3Ds
Shell of choice: Oshawott's razor shell :3
Skin of choice: *cough cough* racist! *cough*
Favourite cartoon character: Im sure Link, Pikachu, Ness, Luigi, Mario, Kirby, Fi Ghirahim, Waluigi, Waddle dee, King Dedede, and Loki count. And I adore Sailor moon too!
Personal Quote: Hakuna Matata, Potato, Potato, Tomato, Tomato, it doesn't matter anyway because you lost the game.

:bulletyellow: Note me for my Pokemon White, Pokemon SS, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Diamond, and/or 3Ds Friend code(s)! :bulletyellow:

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